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What kind of services does HealthReach provide? Is my contribution tax-deductable?
What services does HealthReach NOT provide? How do I contribute?
Is there any charge for these services? Will I get a receipt for my contribution?
Who can be seen at HealthReach? What about non-monetary contributions?
When can I be seen?  
What if my problem is beyond HealthReach’s ability to treat?  
Can I get my prescription filled at HealthReach?   



For Patients

What kind of services does HealthReach provide?

HealthReach provides family-practice style medical care similar to that given by a primary care physician. We also provide chiropractic care, urinalysis,blood withdrawal for labwork and regular X-rays.

We can do school physicals so long as you bring the school’s physical exam form to us.

We also provide care for chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and cardiovascular issues.

If one of our doctors writes a prescription for you as a result of your visit here, and it is for a drug we carry in our Pharmacy, we will fill the prescription at no cost to you.

What services does HealthReach NOT provide?

Services we do NOT provide include pre-natal care, well-woman care, and family planning. Specialty care requiring the use of imaging equipment (other than x-rays) such as MRI, or ultra-sound and services for emergency situations are also unavailable.

Is there any charge for these services?

A small donation of $5.00 is requested at each appointment to assist in defraying operating expenses. This donation is optional, not mandatory. Any additional donations are always welcome. There is no fee for prescriptions filled in the HealthReach Pharmacy.

You may or may not be charged for services from other places, even as a result of a referral from HealthReach. It is the patient’s responsibility to confirm possible charges from these referrals before receiving treatment.

Who can be seen at HealthReach?

To be seen at HealthReach, you cannot have any healthcare insurance whatsoever, you must be between 18 and 65 years old, a resident of Iredell County, and the combined income of everyone in your household must be less than 250% of the Federal Poverty Level. One visit may be granted before completion of the certification process if there is an appointment opening within three business days of application. See the Eligibility section of this website for further detail.

When can I be seen?

All visits are by appointment only. Patients must pre-register to set up an appointment. Every effort will be made to schedule your appointment as quickly as possible, however critical or acute medical situations may require an emergency room visit if an immediate appointment time is unavailable.

One appointment may be granted before certification approval if an opening is available within three business days of the certification request. Prescriptions will not be filled at the HealthReach Pharmacy until after becoming a registered patient.

Registration requests are processed between 12:30-3:00 on Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. Patients wishing to register must be between 18 and 65 years of age, provide a proof of address in Iredell County (preferably in the form of a utility bill), a photo ID (such as a drivers license), and documents showing proof of income for everyone in the household. Proof of income includes three consecutive paystubs, the previous year’s federal tax form (if filed), and any additional income such as child support, social security or disability payments, alimony, or food stamp awards.

What if my problem is beyond HealthReach’s ability to treat?

Depending on the nature of the problem, we may be able to refer your case to another clinic or a specialist for free or at a reduced rate.

Can I get my prescription filled at HealthReach?

If your prescription is written at HealthReach or was written at any other free clinic, we will fill it for you here. If it is a medication we do not carry, we will try to apply to get the medication for free through the Prescription Assistance Programs (PAP).


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For Donors

Is my contribution tax-deductable?

HealthReach is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation; all contributions are tax-deductable.

How do I contribute?

Contributions are gratefully accepted via the mail at our PO Box 1265, Mooresville, NC, 28115 address. If desired, you may also contribute online using PayPal. Please view the How to Donate section.



Will I get a receipt for my contribution?

Tax receipts for contributions are mailed for each donation received. If you donate online, a receipt is automatically created and sent to the email address given. Please request a tax receipt should you make a cash donation in person.

Call the clinic at 704-663-1992 to request other reports.

What about non-monetary contributions?

Please call us at 704-663-1992 to discuss non-monetary contributions. In general, HealthReach does not take non-monetary contributions unless the goods/services to be contributed are directly related to our mission (Examples: we can take medical and office supplies, we cannot take used cars). The exception to this is that when we are having a special event, such as our annual gala, we do accept some items to be auctioned off on our behalf. Again, please call first to see if your intended donation is allowed by our policies.

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