Mooresville Tribune features critical need for HealthReach Clinic Volunteers

Posted: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 6:00 am

By Megan Sprague

The HealthReach Community Clinic in Mooresville has a critical need for medical care professionals as volunteers, and its director promises the experience will be a “rewarding” one.

Director Rory Crawford wants area physicians, nurses and other medical staff to know that the facility will be as flexible as possible in order to get their much-needed help.

“The experience of volunteering (at HealthReach) is rewarding because you get to directly connect with patients and have a profound impact on a person in need,” he said. “Our office is more relaxed, so doctors can take as much time as they need with patients to really get to know them. If you need to take an hour to get to the root of your patient’s problems, you do it. We want to make sure that both the doctor and the patient are comfortable.”

Crawford said that generally, many of their medical volunteers are retired from their field and want to keep helping patients, but he welcomes anyone who wants to assist.

“We welcome doctors, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, nurses, CNA’s, phlebotamists, you name it,” he said.

“We offer flexible hours so if our volunteers can only work certain hours, say from 6 pm to 9 pm, we work around that,” said Susan Wolff, Director of Development and Communications at HealthReach. “Some of our specialists even see patients in their own offices or they can come to the clinic, whatever they choose.

“We’re accommodating, as that’s one of the advantages of being a free clinic. It’s a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere to come to. You can deliver hands-on caring without worrying about all the paperwork and hassle. We have malpractice covered so you can just come in, administer to the patients and remember why you wanted to be a doctor in the first place.”

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